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Kitsap Composites designs, manufactures, and tests composite hardware for the aerospace and defense industries. Our specialty is composite hardware that supports the function of communication systems including radomes, reflectors, and polarizers.


Omohundro Company is now Kitsap Composites

our products

our specialty is composite hardware


Radomes products of Kitsap Composites

Kitsap Composites designs, tools, manufactures and tests radomes utilizing solid laminate, monolithic, 2 ply sandwich, A-sandwich, C-sandwich and multi-layer constructions...

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Reflectors products of Kitsap Composites

Kitsap Composites designs, tools and manufactures reflectors to meet customer specifications up to KA Band. Specialized conductive fibers or coatings are used to maximize the energy reflectivity and...

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Ducting Kitsap Composites

Kitsap Composites fabricates non-metallic ducting systems using our unique technique to produce ducting components of virtually any size or configuration for the aerospace market...

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Structures Kitsap Composites

These structures are aerodynamic exterior components or fairings that can be located anywhere on the flight surface. Kitsap Composites has supported design, tooling and manufacturing on various structures...

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